Comassema is beautiful!

comassema is beautiful!

They say that unity makes strength...The wedding of Miriam and Jaume is one of those celebrations in which the bride and groom put all their trust in you and tell you... "Organise the wedding"! We got down to work and with all the whole team (flowers, lighting, dj's and everything you could ask for) we made this wedding a magical day. The Comassema finca was gorgeous and, although it doesn't need much to look beautiful, we knew how to adorn it differently, in an elegant and colourful way. The bride was clear that she wanted white and mauve flowers... the hydrangea was the star that night and looked stunning in every way! The ceremony left us speechless, the appetizer made us enjoy ourselves and the dinner... the dinner was simply spectacular! The guests enjoyed themselves and we were delighted to be able to share such a special day and do what we love.